Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Craft Time!!

When Kirstie was a child her baby room was decorated in yellow and lambs. I made her a baby blanket in the spirit of that room! {This is a surprise, since I will be there today in the morning, I am possitive the sleepy-pregnant-Kirstie will not make it up to the computer before I give it to her}
Here is the product:
Straight lines, it's a miracle

Scallop edging

Potential lambs here?


Macro view of stiching
School has been unforgiving lately, leaving not much time for the lambs never made in onto the blanket! And since I am flying out today and they no longer allow needles on the plane, it looks like the blanket and lambs were not meant to be together! So the little guys get to be stored away until I find them a home. I like the blanket as it is though!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Insulin Pump

Currently, I am doing a 4 week rotation at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center on OKC. It might be my new favorite! As a learning experience, they often put interns on an insulin pump for a few days (When you have to explain to someone how to use something, it usually helps if you have used it before: makes sense.) I thought I’d share my experience.

This is the OmniPod. They are disposable and usually last about three days or so. You sleep with it, shower with it, its always there. It can be put wherever you have some cushion, so usually your tummy. It can also go on your leg or the back of your arm, just wherever is most out of the way.

 It has a little needle that you can see through this window. It doesn't hurt, you can't even feel it. This one is just filled with saline, of course.

 This is about the size of an iphone. You enter your blood sugar reading before you eat and it calculates how much insulin to give you based on that, and how many carbohydrates you are getting ready to eat, which you also enter.
 You just prick you finger, put some blood there and presto!

I feel like I have a bit better understanding about it now. It takes a lot of planning, thats for sure. Quite the interesting experience, I'm glad I got to do it! The diabetes center has been amazing...I look forward to it everyday!! I wish it were longer! The good news is I have a few diabetes rotations cool!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Management Rotation is Over!!?!

Of my 1200 internship hours I'm officially 400 down!
This rotation has been such an amazing experience. I met some truly incredible people and worked on projects that I know will stay in place long after I'm gone, and that is an amazing feeling!
I know I've only done ONE of my three rotations so far... but this one is by far my favorite!!!
It's reassured me that I picked the right path for myself, and I'm SO glad I'm on it.

This little last-day surprise made my week :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Special Event

One project required in management rotation is a special event/business plan. My special event was on Valentine's Day! I got to work extra early and decorated the crap out of the cafeteria. There were heart balloon bouquets tied to every available post imaginable, huge heart banners hanging from the ceiling (fire hazard? meh), red paper lanterns, streamers and rose petals all over the place! It looked like the inside of a Pepe Le Pew love dream.

This is not nearly all of it! This is just the banner but I
thought it was pretty cool!

I had a strawberry salad for the special, and a decorate-your-own giant heart-shaped cookie for desert! They were these foot long heart shaped sugar cookies in boxes. You buy one, then take it to the decorating station, where you add frosting and Valentine's themed toppings. Most people wanted someone to do the decorating for them (that's me) and make a border with icing and write the note or name on the inside. I decorated cookies for maybe four straight hours. I REALLY wish I had taken pictures of some of the cookies, but I was just way too busy to think about it!

My Strawberry Salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts and
 mandarin oranges with a choice of poppy seed or raspberry dressing

The pile of dismantled decorations

Now I get to finish the Business Plan, and then that's one more project out of the way! Oh, and did I mention that we completely sold out of cookies by the end of lunch rush?! Success!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job opening: frum a compleatly reputible sorse

So every once in a while, when I feel like lifting my spirits or when I just want to remind myself of where I'm headed, I surf on-line for open Registered Dietitian positions. I look at job offers in the states I want to live, and compare job requirements between them. Some people see movies... I pretend job hunt. We all have our hobbies.

Anyway, at the top of the page of jobs(dot)com, Fresenius Medical Care North America had a position posted, looking for a Dietician. Holy sponge cakes, while they’re at it put up a position for a new HR rep because someone just failed their job.

Yup... I think they are in more need of a "Dietician" than they may think.

Monday, January 16, 2012

...and it Begins!

365 days

32 credit hours

1200 intern hours

1 RD exam

Eight hours down, 1192 to go! Today was my first day as an intern at Saint Anthony Hospital. I will be working on my management rotation for the first 400 hours, which basically means a lot of time in the kitchen. Night-time grad classes on top of that mean I'm busy...all the time! Good news, everyone at the hospital is so incredibly nice and ...I get all the free coffee I can drink! And since I don't get paid, I consider this treatment highly necessary ;)

My Hospital in Downtown OKC

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm Free I'm Free I'M FREEEEEE

Bachelor's Degree?   Check
All A's for the final semester?   Check
Nice long vacation to California for the holidays? Check Check Check!!

Also, I'm getting really pumped about grad school. The classes are going to be super intensive, but I'm ready to make it count. In the mean time, I plan on reading my early Christmas present/new best friend, The Clinical Dietitians Essential Pocket Guide, while in transit to California, where I will proceed to pop the bubblies and bask in the warm winter sun.

*commence happy dance here.*